Coke Zero To Vanish From Australian Shelves

Big Zero fan? Start stocking up.

What you need to know
  • From August 1, Coke Zero will be phased out of the Australian market
  • It follows a successful launch of Coke No Sugar, which the company says consumers prefer
  • Sugary drinks have been under intense scrutiny recently, with a growing concern for their impact on obesity levels

Coca-Cola Australia has announced Coke Zero will begin disappearing from shelves in August, following the successful launch of Coca-Cola No Sugar.

Lucie Austin, Coca-Cola's Australian marketing director, said the decision was based on consumer sales which indicate it is no longer necessary to carry Zero in Australia.

"We said that we would let people decide and we are pleased to say the results are in – Australians have decided that Coke No Sugar is it," Austin said.

"Australians have embraced Coke No Sugar – which from day one was carefully crafted to taste even more like Coca-Cola Classic, but without the sugar."

Launched 13 years ago, Coke Zero was the second iteration of Coca-Cola's low-sugar varieties which began with Diet Coca-Cola in 1982.

Coca-Cola has put a huge marketing effort into their no-sugar varieties in an effort to keep up with changing consumer demands. Image: AAP

The soft drink giant made first mention of Zero's retirement just over a year ago after it found just one in two drinkers knew the product was sugar free.

Austin said the sales of Coke No Sugar had exceeded expectations since its Australian launch in June last year, with close to 3.5 million Aussies enjoying the beverage.

But with reports of customers already beginning to stock-pile their favorite  soon-to-be-history drink, it seems not all Australians are on board with the switch.

A spokesperson for Woolworths told ten daily Coke Zero would continue to be stocked in stores until it is officially withdrawn from the Australian market.

"Due to customer demand we will continue to stock Coke Zero alongside Coke No Sugar in our stores until Coke Zero is withdrawn from supply in the market," the spokesperson said.

"After this happens, our customer will have a comprehensive range of Coke No Sugar products to choose from in our stores."

The decision to make the brand's sugar-free alternative more clear comes amid a major market shift away from sugary soft drinks.

Just last month Coca-Cola and Pepsi vowed to slash their use of sugar across their entire range of drinks by 20 per cent over the next seven years in a bid to tackle the country's obesity epidemic.

In the Australian market alone, Coca-Cola has reformulated 22 drinks since 2015 to contain less sugar.

The process of phasing out Coke Zero will begin on August 1 and the drink is expected to be completely gone from shelves by September.

Featured image: AAP