Student Who Attended 'Politically Incorrect' Party Found Dead

Andrew Stanham's father blames his son's death on intense stress.

University student Andrew Stanham was found dead in a shower in his Waaga Wagga home on Wednesday.

Just last month Stanham attended a 'politically incorrect' party at local pub with friends where they dressed up as World War II concentration camp victims. Other students at the party were dressed as KKK members and made-up with black faces.

Image: Facebook/Andrew Stanham.

Stanham's father blamed the fallout from the party as the reason for his son's death. Andrew was among the students suspended from Charles Sturt University following the party for breaching the university's anti-racism policy.

'I think we do have a situation where political correctness has gone too far,' Mr Stanham told The Daily Telegraph.

“Andy has been petrified to walk down the streets of Wagga.”
Image: Facebook/ Andrew Stanham.

While the cause of Andrew's death is still unknown, it is believed he suffered a seizure in the shower and fell. Andrew has a history of seizures and had taken medication for epilepsy.

Andrew's dad said that online trolls made the last month of his son's life hell.

The exact cause of Andrew's death is yet to be determined.