Horrifying Mass Greyhound Grave Discovered In Sydney

"What they found in terms of the mass grave was quite horrifying".

WARNING: Graphic Content

A mass grave of greyhound carcasses has been uncovered by the RSPCA at the property of a registered greyhound trainer in Sydney.

They discovered the remains of nine greyhounds in a shallow pit at a Marsden Park property on July 3.

Inspectors raided the property following a tip from a member of the public on July 3, RSPCA NSW acting chief inspector Andrew Clachers said.

"What they found in terms of the mass grave was quite horrifying," Clachers told ten daily.

"There was greyhounds in various states of decomposition, some relatively fresh and others that were just skeletal remains."

RSPCA inspectors found the remains of nine deceased greyhounds, as well as 12 dogs living in harmful conditions. Image: Provided

During the raid, RSPCA inspectors also rescued nine sick and starving greyhounds, before returning to seize another three on Monday.

The 12 living dogs, who are now receiving intensive veterinary care under the RSPCA, had varying medical conditions including emaciation, internal parasites, fleas and severe dental disease.

Clachers said most of the greyhounds would require "complex and painful" dental surgery which will include the removal of most if not all of their teeth.

"That's a very major surgery, particularly for greyhounds given the way their jaw is structured," he said.

RSPCA NSW is currently investigating the alleged animal cruelty offences with the assistance of the Greyhound Welfare Integrity Commission.

Following the investigation, Clachers expects the trainer will be prosecuted, which could see him face a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment and a $22,000 fine.

The horrific discovery comes in the same week as the two year anniversary of Premier Mike Baird's announcement of a Greyhound industry ban which was overturned only three months later.

Hundreds rallied in Sydney to protest Baird's backflip on the planned greyhound racing ban. Image: AAP

The ban followed the release of a damning report into the NSW greyhound racing industry that found "illegal and unconscionable activity" including the slaughter of tens of thousands of dogs, the widespread practice of "live baiting" and the "deliberate misreporting" by trainers, owners and Greyhound Racing NSW.