Consumer Warning: Aussie Company In Trouble for Cancer Cure Claims

The company was making more than $500 per bottle.

The Office of Fair Trading is warning consumers about a product that was hailed as a cure for cancer.

SunUltima sold 5mL bottles for $560, promising “a diagnosed 5mm skin cancer needs only one drop of SunUltima applied as a once only treatment as a general rule to completely rid a malignancy and its roots.”

Last month, SunUltima was fined $10,000 by the Office of Fair Trading for failing to substantiate the claims.

“Of particular concern was the consumers that he targeted were vulnerable consumers. Often with illnesses, terminal illnesses, and they’re desperate for a cure,” Office of Fair Trading's Ronnie Browning of the said.

The former owner of SunUltima now claims the product was only meant for research purposes and doesn’t sell or trade in Australia.

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