Muslims Abused At Worship In Mosque By Group With Cameras

Religious leaders say it's an escalation of the abuse faced by Muslims in Queensland every day.

Update:  The same group of men have approached a second mosque in Darra, where a confrontation between them and religious leaders broke out.

"I want to make a documentary about your false religion," said Logan Robertson from the Pillar Baptist Church.

"You want to be violent? You want to be a terrorist?" replied Ali Kadri, spokesperson from the Islamic Council of Queensland.

"You are coming and terrorising 15-year-old kids and 65-year-old women. Is that what you're doing? Dividing our country?"

Confrontation Between Anti-Muslim Group And Religious Leaders Outside Mosque

Shortly after this confrontation police confiscated the group's filming equipment, but despite this they claim they will continue to make their 'documentary'.

More to come.

A group of men have hurled vicious abuse at worshippers at a mosque in Queensland and are planning to visit another, in what religious leaders are saying is an escalation of the abuse faced by Muslims in the state every day.

The Islamic Council of Queensland told ten daily that four men with cameras entered a mosque in the Brisbane suburb of Kuraby on Wednesday about midday, pretending to be media. When the men were told that worship was an inappropriate time to be filming, but that they were welcome to come back, the men began abusing the congregation.

Council spokesperson Ali Kadri said that the men called the congregation "paedophiles" and "terrorists", and that the mosque should be burnt to the ground.

"They were saying that ‘you guys follow a cult of religion’, that ‘you can't answer questions because you're a cult’," said Kadri

"You’re paedophiles, your religion is full of paedophiles, you guys don't belong in this country, you're terrorists, this place shouldn't belong here, it should be burnt to the ground, and so on and so forth."

He said he believes they are part of a far right extremist group aiming to rile Muslims up on camera, and then use that footage to somehow prove that Muslims are inherently violent.

Footage of the men, believed to be taken by a 15-year-old boy worshipping at the mosque, shows the men aggressively asking questions, calling the boy a "sissy" when he won't answer.

"How old was Aisha when Muhammad married her? Six? Is that not paedophilia? Sounds like it," says one of the men to a teenager filming. Photo: Ten Eyewitness News.

It's an escalation of the everyday abuse faced by the Muslim community in Queensland, said Kadri.

"Individuals are getting abuse all the time. When I came back home from this incident, my wife told me that somebody just drove past her and calling her an f-ing terrorist," he said.

"That's a really common occurrence in this area. It's a sad thing when it happens to individuals, but now it's escalated to a point where they're coming to the mosque, and that's because we're not taking these matters as seriously as we should."

He says the same group have plans to film at another mosque in Darra on Thursday, and confirmed that he'll be there to talk to the individuals involved.

"I just want to hear why they're doing this," he said.

"If they have a genuine question, I'm happy to answer it. If they want to criticise Islam, I don't have a problem, but if they abuse and humiliate people, I want them to know that it's the wrong thing to do."

Queensland Police confirmed that inquiries are being conducted into the matter.

Photo: Ten Eyewitness News.