David Leyonhjelm Continues Sexist Attack On Hanson-Young

The Outsiders show their support for Leyonhjelm with an offensive tag line on the show about the Greens senator.

UPDATE: A Sky News producer has been suspended after an on-screen tag line read "Sarah Hanson-Young is known for liking men. The rumours about her in parliament are well known." during a segment involving Senator Leyonhjelm.

David Leyonhjelm has defended his attack on Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young in Parliament this week, after he yelled at her to "stop shagging men" and told her to "f--- off" when she responded by calling him a creep.

The Liberal Democrats Senator and advocate of free speech said Hanson-Young was basically accusing all men of being rapists, and he was responding to her "misandry" in the Senate.

Leyonhjelm was speaking on Sky News' program The Outsiders on Sunday, where the tag line for the program read: "Sarah Hanson-Young is known for liking men. The rumours about her in parliament are well known."

"If I had said . . . all women are sluts, the outrage would have been monumental," Leyonhjelm told supportive hosts Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron about his Senate outburst.

"It would have been called misogyny, and it would have been criticised and called out -- rightly so. The male version of that is misandry. I don't think it's any less forgivable if you say all men are rapists . . .  it's equally as objectionable as misogony."

The exchange occurred during a Senate debate on violence against women in the Senate on Friday. The Greens senator was voting against a motion which would allow women to legally arm themselves to prevent assault, rape or murder.

"I voted no, because I don’t believe that putting more weapons in the hands of the public will make women safer in their homes or on the streets at night," Hanson-Young wrote in The Guardian.

"I also don’t think that women should continue to be made to have to take responsibility for the violent crimes and behaviour that some men perpetuate."

Leyonhjelm said he did not agree with Hanson-Young's "sentiments" that all men were rapists. He would not apologise for responding by telling her:  “You’ll have to stop shagging men now, Sarah!”

He later said he was prepared to rephrase his comments: "I strongly urge Senator Hanson-Young to continue shagging men as she pleases."

His comments have been met with outrage from other politicians, community leaders and members of the public.

But he claimed on The Outsiders too many men -- including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Greens MP Adam Bandt --  were rolling over and apologising, saying, "Yes, I'm a male, therefore I'm guilty for being male."

"I think it's time for at least myself . . . to stand up and say this is not legitimate," Leyonhjelm said.

"This idea that because you belong to a certain social grouping . . . that you can be defined by that and that you have inherited guilt because as a consequence of that is obnoxious -- those of us who think for themselves anyway."

Featured image: AAP