Gift Bags: The Logies Vs The Emmys

Who needs a Gold Logie when you get some socks and a Sea World pass.

The contents of this year's Logies Gift gift bag have been revealed ahead of Sunday's ceremony.

But how does it measure up to its American counterpart? While the Emmys gift bag may fall short of the $130,000 extravaganza the Oscars organisers sent guests home with earlier in the year, American TV's night of nights is a touch more glam that ours in Australia.

Let's compare the pair.

If attendees at Sunday's ceremony take a fancy to their Gold Coast surroundings, they're in luck. This year's priciest goodie bag addition is one night's accommodation at the Star Hotel Gold Coast, a theme park  Super Pass and personalized luggage tag just to make sure no bags get lost on their night away.

Now let's look at the Emmys  gift bag. Their guests got a three-night, all-inclusive "wellness stay for two at Canyon Ranch, a two-night stay at the Hyatt Regency Suzhou, and an Infinity Membership and free five-day stay with Exclusive Traveler Club.

To further upstage the Aussie offering, they even threw in an entire Delsey Luggage suitcase, slightly upstaging the Logies' humble luggage tag.

Arguably the coolest item in the Emmys haul of free peculiarities -- and yes that's in comparison to the free holidays -- was a limited addition Rick and Morty Daylight Curfew sweater. They were also gifted a pair of Wolverine shoes, which were ironically better suited for slightly more manual work than television's best is used to.

On the other hand, this year Aussie stars and starlettes will be heading home with a pair of Bamboozled socks. It's no Rick and Morty sweater, but hey, a free pair of socks is a free pair of socks.