Dreamworld Tragedy Inquest: 'Why Didn't You Stop The Ride?'

An inquest into the Dreamworld tragedy has heard from the staffer who had also expressed concerns about the ride the day it claimed four lives. 

A senior ride operator at Dreamworld believes the ride was never stopped in the moments after the two rafts collided.

Sarah Cotter, a senior ride operator told the inquest on Tuesday she had been called to two previous breakdowns at the Thunder River Rapids ride before the fatal accident in October 2016.

Cotter said engineers had given the all clear to re-open the ride.

She said she had told engineers a pump malfunction was 'ridiculous' after it happened for a second time in about an hour on October 25, 2016, the day of the accident.

She was told by engineers if it breaks down a third time, the ride would close for the day.

"I trusted that they (engineers) knew what they were doing and that it was safe" she said.

When asked what she thought had gone wrong on that particular day, causing the deaths of four people, she spoke of what she saw when she arrived on the scene.

"I can only assume the conveyor was still running through all of that time," she said.

"My opinion is the conveyor was never stopped... I don't know whether it ever was stopped or just jammed stop."

Cotter also witnessed the partner of one of the Dreamworld victims Kate Goodchild, asking staff 'why didn't you stop the ride?' following the tragedy.

The inquest continues.

With AAP