Severe Weather Warning as Extreme Cold Front Hits Australia

Severe weather is on its way.

What you need to know
  • A severe weather warning is in place for NSW
  • Destructive and gust winds are expected
  • Winds of up to 90km/h are anticipated

A severe weather warning is in place for the Hunter, Metropolitan and Illawarra Districts as winds from the Tasman Sea flow upwards to the state.

Residents in these areas are being warned of strong gusty winds that will hit the areas during the morning. Winds between 60 km/h and 90k/h are possible.

Image: Facebook/NSW Incident Alert.
Image: Facebook/NSW Incident Alert.

While across Australia the temperatures have plummeted, even breaking records in parts of Queensland, while Victoria is in the midst of some 'miserable weather'.

In NSW a southwesterly change is expected to move along the east coast, reaching the Hunter before midday and showers are also anticipated as part of the change.

People in the affected areas are urged to move their cars away from trees and under cover. They are also being told to secure loose items in yards or on balconies and to stay at least eight metres from power lines.