Sydney Airport's 'Two Handfuls' Of White Powder Scare

Baggage handlers discovered a white powder.

What you need to know
  • Firefighters and hazmat crews were called to Sydney Airport this morning after baggage handlers found a white powder in the cargo hold of a plane
  • It's understood the plane had arrived from Los Angeles just after 7am
  • Authorities say the substance was a "low irritant"
  • The area has since been rendered safe by fire crews

Dozens of fire fighters and specialist hazmat crews were called to Sydney Airport this morning after white powder was found.

The substance was discovered in the cargo hold of an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles, that landed just after 7am.

Fire fighters in protective suits went in to investigate and clean up the spill after it was discovered by baggage handlers.

Fire and Rescue NSW station officer Peter Gillard says the compound was a "low irritant".

"If you get it on your skin or you ingest it, or you get it in your eyes it's something that has to be washed off, otherwise it's deemed to be fairly safe."

"The spill wasn't a big spill... we're probably talking approximately two handfuls".

It's understood the powder is most likely Semicarbazide, a compound used during the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

After spending more than four hours on the tarmac the plane was loaded up again and is on its way back to Los Angeles.