Uni Students Dress As KKK Members And In Blackface

Students dressed in blackface and as members of the Ku Klux Klan for a "politically incorrect" party.

A number of students at Charles Sturt University are at the centre of a racist costume scandal that took place during post-exam celebrations at a pub in Wagga Wagga on Thursday night.

Five people, believed to be students at CSU's Wagga campus, attended the "politically incorrect" party at the Black Swan Hotel dressed as members of the Ku Klux Klan, complete with white hoods.

A sixth member had painted his body in blackface and was carrying a bowl of cotton balls.

"Very very politically incorrect," read the Instagram caption of one of the men involved. "Cotton prices are unreal though so it's a great time to be pickin'."

The Instagram account has since been set to private, but screenshots of the image are circulating online.

It first came to prominence after an Indigenous man and former high school classmate of some of those involved posted screenshots to Facebook, according to Welcome To Country.

"I went to school with these so-called university educated losers," he wrote. "Even the former school captain of [their high school] has 'loved' reacted to this. They need kicking out of university. Is this what they teach them out there?"

The event was billed on Facebook as post-exam party with the theme "politically incorrect".

"Tippo will be providing the usual quality drink specials. So grab a kit that would legally get you in shit and hook right in."

Following the outrage, the Black Swan Hotel has moved to distance itself from the incident, claiming its staff had no idea the men in costumes were there, despite the fact that they were holding drinks.

"The pub was made aware of an incident unbeknownst to staff," it posted on Facebook.

"To all that message. Thank you very much for your message. We were unaware of this behaviour happening out the back of the pub, however we have immediately dealt with this.

"We have zero tolerance and do not condone this sort of behaviour."

However, people on Facebook remain unconvinced the venue was unaware of the incident, and have flooded the page with one star reviews.

"Five grubs dressed as KKK members and their little fool offsider, shirtless and painted black, went completely unnoticed all night by every member of your staff?" wrote one person.

Brad Fewson, who claimed to have been present on the night of the incident and informed staff of the racist costumes, posted on Facebook that the incident was immediately dealt with.

"The pub has multiple entries , and the function was out the back, of which that has three outside public open entries," he said.

"Patrons of the UNI were there for some time and NO they were not all in costumes but normal clothes. The function was private and patrons could come and go from the rear without going through the bar.

"So, clearly they came through and staff (two only) at the bar working were not aware of their presence.

"Staff were informed by normal patrons when they were noticed. They were then immediately dealt with and asked to leave."

Neither the pub, nor anyone involved, has responded to ten daily's requests for comment.

The university confirmed to ten daily that it is investigating the incident.

"Charles Sturt University will not tolerate this offensive behaviour. It does not reflect our university values and we strongly condemn these actions," it said in a statement.

"CSU is currently investigating these incidents and social media posts."