Teen Hospitalised After Electric Shock In CBD

Authorities found an exposed wire at the site of the incident.

A teenager was taken to hospital after receiving a significant electric shock from a construction site for the light rail project in Sydney.

Anna Lambden, 15, was walking through the CBD with her mum, Viola Morris, on Sunday when she received an electric shock through her legs. She started screaming and dropped to the ground, lying in the foetal position.

"The current was so strong that the passers by who tried to help her were also shocked by touching her," wrote Morris on Facebook.

It appears to have been caused by an exposed wire.  Anna had taken off her heels and was walking in wet socks, which conducted the shock.

Morris told Fairfax that her daughter thought she was going to die.

"She could feel the electricity pulsing through her," she said. "She didn't know what it was. No one could touch her... no one could comfort her."

She was taken by ambulance to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, where doctors told Morris that Lambden's injuries were "consistent with an industrial amount of electricity," according to the ABC.

Luckily, it is unlikely she will have lasting injuries.

Following the incident, staff from the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) visited the site and found an issue with an exposed wire.

"Roads and Maritime will ensure a thorough investigation is carried out," a spokesperson said.