Cheeky Adolescent Humpback Whale Puts On A Spectacular Show Metres From Boat

"The looks on their faces was priceless."

A group of whale watchers have had the experience of a lifetime after an adolescent humpback whale put on a spectacular show just metres from their boat off the coast of Port Macquarie.

Incredible footage shows the moment the cheeky whale spectacularly leaps out of the water, narrowly missing the boat where a packed group of whale-watchers were left in awe.

Those seated at the front of the boat were  given a top-to-toe soaking as the whale played around, delighting the crowds on board the Port Jet Cruise Adventures vessel.

Priceless. One lucky passenger managed to catch the spectacular moment on camera. Source: Tash Morton/Port Jet Cruise Adventures

Anthony Heeney, who owns the company with his wife Jodi, described the moment as "priceless" adding that those on board were stoked at the experience.

"They'll be talking about that moment forever," Anthony told ten daily.

"He came out of nowhere, no-one knew what to do and then everyone just started laughing."

Anthony said they had been following a pod of about three to five adolescent whales, but after seeing them go back under the water he stopped the engines completely.

He thought they had lost the pod moments before the incredible encounter occurred.

"Next thing you know, there it was," Anthony said, adding that a short time later the whale's friends also joined in on the fun, splashing around near the boat.

"But it's the best part of where we are."

The couple only started their whale-watching business three years ago, after relocating from Tamworth.

"You don't have to go far to find them."

Whale sightings are common around this time on the NSW mid-North Coast and Anthony says it's often adolescent pods that are spotted along the waters.

Regardless, it just goes to show if you're out on the waters keep your cameras running, and your rain coats on!