'Lots Of Plastic' Fed Intense Fire And Toxic Smoke

Area shut down because of fears for public safety because of the toxic smoke.

Owners of a Brisbane electrical store have vowed to rebuild, after an intense fire tore through, destroying stock and the building.

The blaze started just before 6pm Monday night at SEQ Electrical in Capalaba, with loud explosions echoing through the industrial area, as flames leapt high into the air.

For more than two hours, the area was shut down by police, with fears for public safety because of the toxic smoke.

This morning, the owner of the family-run business, Steve Tregenza said he was devastated.

“It’s hard… So hard,” he said.

Kerry Stewart who owns the now-destroyed building said, “I really feel for Steve because it’s his life and his business, and all his employees.”

“As much as I’m upset about the building, I’m upset for Steve as well because those people back there have got no job today.”

Daniel Rasmussen from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said the ferocious fire was fed by stock inside the business.

“Lots and lots of plastic TVs contributed to a substantial fire, a very hot fire,” he said.

“Concrete walls have stopped the fire from spreading though, otherwise there’s a lot more businesses could have been affected.

It’s expected the damage bill could run into the millions.

Fire fighters are yet to work out what caused the blaze, but at this stage, it’s not being treated as suspicious.