Thredbo Toboggan Ban Leaves Snow Goers Out In the Cold

Thredbo says tobogganing can be "very dangerous" and increases the risk of accidents.

What you need to know
  • Thredbo has banned the use of toboggans ahead of this year's snow season
  • The ski resorts say its to ensure safety of guests, employees and resort property
  • People have taken to social media to voice their dismay over the family-friendly snow activity

Keen snow goers have taken to social media to voice their dismay over a new toboggan ban issued by New South Wales ski resort Thredbo.

The ban was revealed just a week out from the start of the snow season, and has left people shaking their heads, with some arguing the winter favourite is a much loved and kid-friendly activity.

A statement on Thredbo's website says toboggoning can be "very dangerous" and increases the risk of collisions with other sleds, vehicles or skiers, loss of control and falling off the toboggans.

"To maximise safety for guests, employees, and resort property, Thredbo prohibits the use of toboggans and other miscellaneous snow sliding equipment that is associated with “Snow Play” within our leasehold area."

Perisher ski resort in New South Wales has a similar statement on its website banning the use of toboggans on all of its ski slopes.

"Tobogganing is dangerous and involves inherent risks," Perisher's statement says.

'Favourite winter pastime.' Thredbo says its banning the activity for safety reasons despite its popularity. Source: Getty Images

But dismayed fans of the activity said it will have an effect on the number of families that visit the resort.

An email from Thredbo sent to property owners and sub-leases and obtained by Fairfax media reportedly claims the resort has "seen an increase in accidents and incidents directly related to toboggans over the last few years."

However some social media users have questioned whether there is a financial motive behind the decision.

The ban at Thredbo also applies to "other miscellaneous snow sliding equipment" and includes any areas under the ownership or control of Thredbo, according to their website.