This Very Confused Magpie Thinks It's A Rooster

Rooster Girl is one very confused Magpie... or is that Rooster?

What you need to know
  • Rooster Girl arrived at Mandurah Wildlife Rescue as a chick two years ago
  • She started crowing like a rooster after hearing her fellow birds
  • She can also mimic cockatoos

When a magpie, now named Rooster Girl, was rescued at just nine-months-old  she was in need of some tender loving care.  Two years on, she is a healthy magpie with one quirk -- she doesn’t know she’s a magpie.

Rooster Girl, who was taken in by Mandurah Wildlife Rescue in Dawesville, earned her name because she crows like, you guessed it - a rooster!

Mandurah Wildlife Treasurer Sara Nolan said the magpie was nursed back to health in an aviary near other rescue animals, which is when she started mimicking other sounds.

'Rooster Girl' and 'Rooster Boy' give Ten the exclusive.
Image: Mandurah Wildlife Rescue

"Next to her was a rooster... so she got the rooster sound from there," she told Ten.

Rooster Girl can also imitate galahs and cockatoos, but has perfected the rooster crow.

She still has the feisty nature of a magpie, as our Perth Reporter Belinda Wilkinson found out.

Listen: Magpie Thinks It's A Rooster
"She's a show off, she's a wonderful little bird," Nolan said

Magpies are notoriously territorial which made releasing Rooster Girl back into the wild difficult.  She hasn't quite left the nest yet but Nolan says they are happy to have her crowing around.

"I hear her in the distance and I think, oh there she is.... how can you not love that," Nolan said with a smile.