People Are Bidding For Big Mac Sauce On eBay

Things are getting very saucy on eBay.

Let's just collectively agree that the Big Mac is the best burger that our mates at Maccas have to offer. Cool? Great. Now here's some news that's going to positively tickle your taste buds.

To celebrate 50 years of the humble Big Mac, Maccas has put together a charity auction to raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

The items you'll be bidding on? Three 500ml bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce and a limited edition Big Mac 50th Birthday Mini Fridge (which tbh is really cute).

The holy trinity... 3 identical bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce | Image: eBay

The auction has been up since 10am (AEST) Wednesday with the bidding starting at $100. All proceeds raised will go to Ronald McDonald House charities.

At the time of publishing over 55 very keen Big Mac sauce aficionados had hiked that price up to $1825 -- and the bids continue to climb.

Big Mac fans are so keen to get their hands on the special sauce that at last count there were 25 active bidders vying for their very own bottle of sauce.

Bidding will be open until next Wednesday June 6 at 10am AEST.

In the meantime, Coles does have a knock-off of Big Mac Special Sauce that is supposed to be pretty close to the same thing, but we will not be satisfied until we have the good stuff, straight from the source available to us!

For now we'll just have to claw through the recipes online and see if we can perfect the recipe. Or throw a few bids in ourselves...