How You Can Go On A Deep Sea Adventure With James Cameron In Sydney

Hollywood director James Cameron's passion for deep sea exploration is now on show in Sydney.

What you need to know
  • James Cameron -- Challenging the Deep opens at Sydney's Australian Maritime Museum on May 28
  • The acclaimed Hollywood director will showcase his movie memorabilia and artifacts from his deep-sea dives
  • Cameron broke records in 2012 with his solo dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench

Contrary to popular belief, James Cameron did not dive to the deepest parts of our oceans to find undiscovered lifeforms as inspiration for his blockbuster film Avatar.

He made Avatar, which remains the all-time number-one grossing film worldwide at a mind-boggling $2.7 billion, to get 20th Century Fox to bankroll his latest deep-sea dive.

Now, the acclaimed Hollywood director -- who famously capitalised on his second passion for underwater exploration while filming inside the sunken Titanic -- is in Sydney, showing off both his movie memorabilia and his deep-sea toys.

Aside from his incredible movie success, Cameron is one of two people in the world to have travelled to the deepest parts of our oceans, breaking records to complete the first-ever solo dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the underwater craft Deepsea Challenger in 2012.

James Cameron poses for a photo with a scale model of the Deepsea Challenger. The exhibition takes visitors to the ocean depths through the lens of deep-sea explorer and acclaimed film-maker James Cameron's underwater cameras. (AAP Image/Peter Rae)

He is passionate about exploration, discovery, marine health, conservation and ecology, and said if he fails as a film director, he'll happily keep his underwater explorer hat on permanently.

"It'd be an easy trade to make," he said.

The director's fascination with the ocean has lasted decades, during which he has helped pioneer new technologies, including diving helmets, re-breathers, lights and underwater voice communication technology, as well as helped to engineer the Deepsea Challenger submersible.

In the new exhibition, artifacts and specimens from his underwater adventures will sit side-by-side with his most recognisable movie props , including models and costumes from Titanic, and props from 1988's The Abyss.  Visitors can also enjoy large cinema-scale projections.

James Cameron -- Challenging the Deep opens Monday May 28 at 10am, at Sydney's Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour.

Tickets start at $20 for adults, with child, family, and concession discounts.