RSPCA Investigates Multiple Dog Poisonings In Brisbane

Multiple animals have died from suspected poisoning, forcing the RSPCA to launch an investigation.

What you need to know
  • RSPCA investigating deaths of two dogs and two bids, after they died suddenly on Wednesday.
  • A strange, white substance was found a neighbours house two days later.
  • Cannon Hills residents have launched an awareness campaign.

The RSPCA has launched an investigation into the suspected poisoning of multiple pets and animals in east Brisbane.

Cannon Hill resident Rick Kerswill's two dogs, Lucy and Lilly, suddenly dropped dead on Wednesday morning. He also found two dead birds in his yards.

"It was horrible, it was like losing family. My family was dogs," Kerswill said.

“It’s sad to lose a family member, and there is also sadness for the people actually doing it. If their lives are that messed up they have to take this action to survive, that’s pretty sad.”

Suspicions grew two days later, when a neighbour found a strange, white substance in their yard.

Residents are now concerned someone is trying to bait pet dogs in the area, launching a Facebook community awareness campaign.

Vet nurse Leona McLearie says the poisoned substance could be what’s known as strychnine.

She fears children could be the next victims, if they find the substance and swallow it.

Autopsies are being carried out on the dead birds from Kerswill's yard to confirm if the animals were poisoned.