Inmate Describes The Moment Prison Officers Attacked Him

And he claims officers got the wrong guy.

What you need to know
  • An inmate at Lithgow Correctional Centre was brutally bashed in his cell by prison officers in 2014
  • Today he detailed the attack to the Independent Commission Against Corruption
  • He claims the officers targeted him by mistake

An inmate who a prison officer has admitted bashing in NSW' Lithgow Correctional Centre today told of the sickening attack to the corruption watchdog.

His identity suppressed for his own safety, the inmate told the ICAC he was even more at risk now by speaking out.

“[It’s] a pretty powerful enemy, and I’m in their house,” the inmate said.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption is investigating whether Lithgow Jail’s top brass covered up the bashing of the inmate by officers in February 2014.

The inmate today described how three officers stormed his cell.

“One officer came straight in and punched me in the face,” he said.

“I wasn’t resisting, I was standing there in shock. I thought I’d be handcuffed but they just started beating me.

“One was holding me up, kneeing me in the ribs while the other one was upper cutting to the face. I was obviously saying stop, stop, get off me.

“Once I’d been attacked I didn’t know what was up and what was down. I remember blacking out. I remember coming to and saying stop. I said I’ve got asthma I can’t breathe.”

He claims he was dragged bleeding into another cell, where he was bashed again.

He remembers seeing and hearing a German Shepherd at the door with one guard.

"Someone said "let the dog in." It was going off outside, ready to do a backflip, just ready to to attack.

“Another one said, leave him he’s done.”

The inmate said he was left lying badly injured on the cell floor for 20 minutes before he hit the emergency button.

"I said I need help, I need hospital, I'm bleeding out quite a bit."

He was taken to Liverpool Hospital with a split lip, bruised ribs and black eye.

Today he claimed the officers had targeted the wrong inmate.

He said it was his cellmate who had abused Prison Governor John O'Shea because he had no TV.

He told the ICAC Mr O'Shea came to the cell with seven to 12 guards and yelled, "You want to be tough?"

“I couldn’t give [my cellmate] up. I gave him a quick look and he was frightened himself.

“I didn’t think what was going to happen would happen.”

The Corrective Services Department revealed this week Mr O’Shea has been stood aside.

As for the prisoner, when he returned from hospital, his cell had something new – a TV.

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