Sydney's International Reputation Is Being Marred By Congestion

According to the 'Creating Great Australian Cities' report, congestion and commute times are starting to damage Sydney's international reputation. 

What you need to know
  • 'Creating Great Australian Cities' report sheds disturbing statistics on Sydney's international reputation
  • Congestion and commute times are damaging the city's reputation

If you're standing on a packed train reading this or waiting at a bus stop, it won't be surprising to hear that yet another report has found congestion and commute times is hurting Sydney.

But what the 'Creating Great Australian Cities' report shows is, the problem is starting to damage our international reputation.

The report found while the perception globally of Sydney was high, ranked at 10th, it fell to 15th when measuring on the ground performance.

It says the reasons it's lagging behind comparable cities include higher than average congestion, lower than average public transport coverage and longer commute times and distances.

It shows the average daily time spent commuting on public transport is around 70 minutes, almost double that of many European cities and found Sydney had worse congestion than most, ranked 161 out of 189 cities.

"Australian cities have all of the appeal to do really well but almost none of the tools that they need to succeed," said the report author Professor Greg Clark.

The report suggests the answer is better planning, more housing and the infrastructure to match.