Woman Who Fatally Stabbed Cousin Jailed For At Least Six Years

Katherine Abdallah stabbed her 21-year-old cousin to death over an argument about a car.

What you need to know
  • Sydney woman Katherine Abdallah jailed for at least six years, nine months for stabbing her cousin to death
  • Victim's sister says she'll never forgive Abdallah, but is glad the case is over
  • Stabbing occurred after a heated argument over a Mercedes Benz

Suzie Sarkis had only just moved in with her cousin, Katherine Abdallah, when she took her new Mercedes Benz without asking.

The 21-year-old would pay for that indiscretion with her life.

Today Abdallah was jailed for at least six years, nine months for stabbing her younger relative to death at her Brighton le Sands townhouse almost five years ago.

Her victim’s sister Christine Sarkis cried outside court, saying she would never forgive her, but was glad it was finally over.

She said her family forever had an angel watching over them, while Abdallah’s family had to deal with a killer in jail.

In sentencing the judge told how the cousins had fought violently and for a long time over the car, before Abdallah became so angry, she took two knives from the kitchen and stabbed Sarkis in the chest.

The deadly attack was caught on home security cameras. The recording showed Sarkis was not armed during their fight, and Abdallah later washed the knives while lying to paramedics on the phone, telling them she was helping her victim.

Abdallah had argued she’d grabbed the knives in self-defence, but after almost five days deliberating, the jury rejected that claim, finding her guilty of manslaughter.

In a victim impact statement to the court, Suzie’s mother Mary told how it had ripped her family apart. She said it would almost have been more tolerable if the person who killed her child had been a stranger.