ICAC Investigates Prison Officers Who Assaulted An Inmate

They are accused of fabricating reports to use force on the prisoner.

What you need to know
  • ICAC investigates prison officers who assaulted an inmate
  • They are accused of using unwarranted force on the prisoner
  • The matter will be subject to two weeks investigation

The corruption watchdog today turns its sights on prison officers over claims they assaulted an inmate.

They’re accused of fabricating reports to use unwarranted force on the prisoner at NSW' Lithgow Correctional Centre and also lying about later finding drugs in the cell.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption will focus on the troubling accusations, code-named Operation Estry, over the next two weeks.

The corrections officers are accused of colluding to provide a false account of why they went to the inmate’s cell back in February 2014.

The issue will be subject to two weeks investigation. Image: Getty Images.

It’s claimed they submitted, reviewed and approved a “use of force package” including faked incident reports to green light their actions.

The inmate was allegedly assaulted.

In a statement the ICAC said it will investigate “.. that officers at the NSW prison  dishonestly exercised their official functions in relation to an assault of a prisoner … which was unwarranted and inappropriate in the circumstances.”

The officers are also accused of failing to record their use of force – a mandatory requirement under Corrections NSW policy and procedures. And of destroying and not maintain CCTV footage of the area immediately outside the inmate’s cell.

A week later, it’s claimed, they falsely reported 0.2 grams of buprenorphine, used to treat heroin addiction, was found in the prisoner’s personal belongings during a cell search.