Update: Telstra Says Network 'Back To Normal' After Mobile Outage Leaves Customers Frustrated

It's understood the outage affected both 3G and 4G networks.

What you need to know
  • Telstra services are 'back to normal' after customers were hit with another mobile outage
  • The outage affected users across Australia
  • Telstra has apologised for the disruption to customers
  • During the outage, NSW Police urged customers needing emergency or police assistance to use a mobile from another carrier or a landline

Telstra says its services "have returned to normal" after a 3G and 4G network outage on Monday morning left customers unable to make calls, send messages or use internet services.

"We'll closely monitor network stability and performance and continue supporting our customers to restore their services," Telstra said.

"We're again deeply sorry for any disruption as we know how customers rely on our mobile services."

Earlier, Telstra said it was working to fix the problem.

"Our 4G voice and data traffic volume is improving nationally after we bypassed hardware that had been preventing some customers from accessing the 4G mobile network," Telstra said.

"We're working with many of our enterprise and government customers to ensure their services are restored as quickly as possible."

Frustrated customers took to social media to vent their dismay at the outage which appeared to have affected services across the country.

The telecommunications giant took to social media to apologise for the outage on Monday morning.

"We're working to fix an issue impacting some mobile services. Sorry for the inconvenience," Telstra tweeted.

During the outage, NSW Police released a statement warning customers that the outage could impact people trying to call Triple Zero or police assistance lines.

"Until the issue is resolved, those affected should use a phone with another carrier or a landline if needing to call these numbers," police said.

Telstra became a trending topic online, with some customers claiming this is the second outage in as many weeks.

Others were directed to check for outages on Telstra's website, however it appears that service is also down.

The outage affected customers across the country.