Is This Australia’s Dumbest Criminal? Robber Caught On Camera Before Stealing Cash

A thief has been caught on camera trying to decide which disguise to use before robbing a Perth service station

What you need to know
  • Man preparing to rob a service station caught on security camera
  • He takes several moments wavering between potential disguises - giving the camera a clear view of his face
  • Police are hunting the thief, who made off with cash

A man preparing to rob a Perth service station may have forgotten to read his ‘how-to’ handbook – he was caught on camera deciding which disguise to wear, before stealing cash last month.

The thief was clearly unaware he was in direct view of a CCTV camera as he prepped his balaclava in front of the glass door of the Ascot station on March 19.

In security vision released by police, the man can be seen approaching the door before he puts on his disguise – giving the camera a good look at his face.

He spends several moments deciding which disguise would work best, wavering between a pair of sunglasses and a hood, and a black balaclava.

He then dons his mask and enters the store, demanding money from the station attendant, before  jumping over the counter and making off with the cash.

The thief was last seen walking down Hardey Road wearing a dark coloured, hooded zip-up jumper, dark pants and black Nike sneakers.

Police are searching for the man, whose disguise clearly didn’t work.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.