Queensland Aged Care Nurse Tests Positive For Coronavirus

A Queensland nursing home is in lockdown after a worker at the state-run facility tested positive for coronavirus.

A rapid response team has been sent to the North Rockhampton centre, after the nurse returned a positive test at 8pm on Thursday.

She'd been working until very recently, and there are fears for the health of 115 residents and 180 healthcare workers.

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said the nurse is suspected to have become infected during a trip to Brisbane a little while ago.

"It is very, very concerning," Dr Young told reporters on Friday.

Health Minister Stephen Miles said the rapid response team was working to identify staff and residents who'd been in contact with the infected nurse.

"They are rapidly testing a large number of people to identify whether anyone else has been affected," he told reporters.

"The centre is currently locked down and any staff in contact are in quarantine and have been tested."



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He said the last Rockhampton case of coronavirus was seven weeks ago, on March 30, and the last active case was considered to be resolved on May 1.

The Rockhampton case was one of two new COVID-19 cases recorded in Queensland overnight.

The other is an old case involving a Queenslander who'd been in Western Australia.

Queensland currently has 17 active cases.

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