Can Coffee Make You Fat? New Research Says Yes

Reaching for that morning cuppa before you've barely opened your eyes? A world-first study says that caffeine boost could also be hitting your waistline.

Globally we consume about three billion cups of coffee each day, and new research suggests our regular latte or short black could cause poor health.

Examining data from more than 300,000 participants, the University of South Australia study revealed that excess coffee consumption can increase your risk of diseases such as osteoarthritis and obesity.

Professor Elina Hyppönen, an expert genetic epidemiologist from the University, said understanding risks associated with coffee drinking could have large implications for our overall health.

“Reassuringly, our results suggest that moderate coffee drinking is mostly safe," Professor Hyppönen said.

“But it also showed that habitual coffee consumption increased the risks of three diseases: osteoarthritis, arthropathy and obesity, which can cause significant pain and suffering for individuals with these conditions.”



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Professor Hyppönen said the prevalence of these conditions in Australia and around the world shows how important it is to determine possible causes and influencers of the diseases.

“For people with a family history of osteoarthritis or arthritis, or for those who are worried about developing these conditions, these results should act as a cautionary message."

How many coffees do you drink in a day?

In good news for those who enjoy a couple of flat whites a day, earlier research suggests suggests six cups of coffee per day is considered the 'upper limit' of safe consumption.

“While these results are in many ways reassuring in terms of general coffee consumption, the message we should always remember is consume coffee in moderation -- that’s the best bet to enjoy your coffee and good health too," Professor Hyppönen said.

That's all the encouragement we need to go and order another latte.



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