Having A Sssssnack: Horrifying Moment Python Devours Bird While Hanging Off Clothesline

Gut-churning video shows the moment a huge python is caught strangling a live bird while hanging off a clothesline in the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 uploaded the footage to social media, warning residents this will occur if residents keep feeding birds in their backyard.

"To anyone who feeds wild birds in their yard. Please be aware that you may also cause snakes to come in after the birds and also encourage rats because of all the leftover seed", Snake catcher Stu said.

Image: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

Residents called for help after they witnessed the dangling Carpet Python on their clothesline devouring what's believed to be a Corella.

The Buderim/Maroochydore residents had put in a bird feeder on their clothesline to feed wild birds.

But they never expected this unwelcomed visitor.

"If you're going to feed birds in your backyard, you've got to expect something like this to happen every now and then," Stu said

The video gained a lot of attention online with some viewers slithering in to have their say.

"I keep trying to tell my wife it isn't safe for me to do the washing", one user mocked.

"Pythons got to live... Doing what pythons do. Catch a feed...", another added.



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