Queen To Withdraw From Public Duties 'Indefinitely' Over Coronavirus Crisis

The Queen is expected to withdraw from public duties "indefinitely" due to the coronavirus crisis, marking the monarch's longest absence in her 68-year reign.

The Sunday Times reports the 94-year-old monarch will remain at Windsor Castle, where she relocated during the pandemic with Prince Philip.

According to the publication, her diary has been put on hold and plans for a state visit from South Africa in October are still undecided.

Buckingham Palace will also be closed to the public this summer for the first time in 27 years.

Several other royal events have been cancelled or postponed like the Queen's Birthday Parade and the Order of the Garter Service. Even traditional gun salutes to mark the Queen's birthday on April 21 were cancelled.



Queen Elizabeth Cancels Birthday Plans

Queen Elizabeth will not celebrate her 94th birthday in any special way and has asked that there be no gun salutes to mark the occasion because it would not be appropriate while Britain battles a deadly coronavirus outbreak.



Queen Records First Ever Easter Message: 'Coronavirus Will Not Overcome Us'

In what is believed to be her first Easter address, Queen Elizabeth stressed the importance of maintaining the lockdown, saying "by keeping apart we keep others safe".

The news comes as the Queen has proven rather active regarding her public addresses during this time of crisis.

She may not be out and about but Her Majesty has kept in touch with the UK by delivering messages of reassurance.

This week, the Queen marked VE Day with a poignant address which as aired exactly 75 years after her father King George VI's gave a speech at the end of the Second World War in Europe.

"Our streets are not empty, they are filled with the love and the care that we have for each other," she said.

She gave a speech on Easter Sunday declaring the pandemic would "not overcome us".

Just last month, Queen Elizabeth sent her best wishes to Australians in a statement, highlighting the fact the nation has already overcome its worst bushfire season on record as well as recent floods, while nothing the "stoic and resilient nature" of the Australian people.



The Queen Wishes Australia Well During Phone Call With Scott Morrison

The Queen has wished Australians well in dealing with coronavirus, bushfires and drought and is pleased to hear horse races are still going on in the country.



'Better Days Will Return': Queen's Message Of Hope In Historic Address

Queen Elizabeth II has made a rare address to the Commonwealth amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, urging people to remain strong and unite together to overcome the virus.

"I extend my sincere admiration to the many Australians who work tirelessly to help those affected, provide essential services for their fellow citizens, and continue to care for the most vulnerable," she said.

"You will remain in my prayers in the coming months, with the resolute knowledge that with hard work, faith and unity, we will rise to the challenges ahead and ensure the health and vitality of all Australia's communities."

She also phoned Prime Minister Scott Morrison last week to check up on how Australia was coping during these unprecedented times.