Restaurants, Beauticians To Open As Queensland Eases Restrictions From May 16

The Queensland Premier announced 'step one' of the government's restriction easing plan will come into effect on May 16, opening pools, cafes, day trips and larger home gatherings.

Annastacia Palaszczuk said "Queenslanders backing Queenslanders" will help the state begin to return to normal in less than two weeks' time.

"These are sensible and gradual steps," she said.

"Our tourism industry, hospitality, restaurant, accommodation are all multibillion-dollar industries and there are thousands of people working in those industries and people and businesses want certainty," she said.

Palaszczuk announced the following easing of restrictions effective 11:59 pm on May 15. This is what is planned for the state, in the Premier's own words:

Home Gatherings: "From next weekend, you will be allowed to do gatherings in homes with a maximum of five people."

Workplace Gatherings:  "Gatherings of 10 people in a place. And we need to give certainty to operators and to customers and our workers. It is important our workers are also in a safe environment as well."

Beauty And Nail Salons: "Also some good news for all the ladies out there, some of our beauty therapies will be opening and nail salons for a maximum of 10 people, Unfortunately, you cannot have walk-ins but take bookings and take people 's names and details and have COVID safe plans."

Day Trips: "Recreational travel of day trips up to 150km."



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Outdoor Exercise: "Outdoor gymnasiums, parks, a maximum of 10 people allowed."

Weddings And Funerals: "Wedding guests will increase to 10, funerals 20 guests indoors and 30 guests outdoors."

Real Estate: "Open homes and auctions that we need to make sure that our homebuyers can make those changes in house purchasing if they want to, or build a new home."

Swimming: "The re-opening of public pools and lagoons. We need to make sure those big lagoons are operating and they need to have an approved plan for numbers greater than 10."

Sport: "For outdoor non-contact community sport  allowed for a maximum of 10 people."

Outback Queensland: "For outback Queensland, the mayors have been onto me in the outback and I have to acknowledge that this is a different situation to the rest of Queensland because there are no quarantine cases in the outback so ... we will allow dining in pubs and cafes up to 20 people, reflecting the fact that they live a long way out from other communities."

Earlier on Friday, Scott Morrison announced a three-step plan to get Australia back to "where we need to be as quickly as possible", with hopes most restrictions will be lifted by July.



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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a three-step plan to get Australia back to "where we need to be as quickly as possible", with hopes most restrictions will be lifted by July.

He emphasized states and territories would be responsible for how and when they will implement the plan.

For example, opening beauticians is part of stage two, according to the PM's plan, however, Queensland will begin to open beauty and nail salons in stage one.

Palaszczuk says she is hoping the next stage will roll out in time for the June school holidays.

Stage two includes gatherings at homes with a maximum of 20 visitors, dining in at restaurants, pubs, clubs, cafes and RSLs for up to 20 patrons at a time and an option for more with an approved COVID-safe plan plus holiday travel within your region.

"We want to get some tourism going in times for the school holidays," she said.

Stage three is expected to come into effect on July 10 but will depend on case numbers in other states.

The Queensland government will review plans at the end of each month as well as biosecurity plans, restricted area plans and border control.

"In July, we are absolutely hoping, fingers crossed, that our numbers remain low and everything is going well, we will be able to open up travel for right across Queensland," she said.

On Thursday no Queenslanders tested positive for COVID-19 and there were  4308 tests carried out.

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