Brutus, Australia's Oldest Hippo, Dies At Adelaide Zoo

Brutus, Australia's oldest hippopotamus has died at the Adelaide Zoo.

Fifty-four-year-old Brutus had lived at the zoo for 45 years.

But due to his advanced years, and concerns that age-related conditions were likely to cause him further discomfort over winter, veterinary staff and keepers made the decision to euthanise him.

"We will miss Brutus greatly. However, the good news is that Brutus’ legacy lives on. Brutus is survived by two hippos, his granddaughter Brindabella and great-grandaughter Pansy, both of whom reside at Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria," a statement from the zoo read.

According to the zoo's website, Brutus was born at Sydney's Taronga Zoo in 1965 to Billy and Mumsy.

Brutus the hippo was one of the first animals you'd see at Adelaide Zoo. Image: SA Zoos.
Brutus is Australia's oldest hippo. Image: SA Zoos

He arrived at Adelaide Zoo in 1975.

"While in his later years he was mostly seen wallowing in his pond and enjoying his favourite foods including watermelon, apple, banana, pear and healthy greens, in earlier times he led a far busier life," the website states.

Here's Brutus enjoying his favourite foods on his birthday:

"Vale dear Brutus. We hope you're resting with Susie now.," the zoo staff wrote in a tribute to the hippo.

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