Woman Who Videoed Herself Boxing Pet Dog Slammed As 'Human Trash' For Cruel Act

A video of a US woman repeatedly punching a dog in the face has caused outrage on social media and sparked a formal investigation.

In the Snapchat video, the woman, who has boxing gloves on, can be seen punching her dog in the face multiple times.

"I hit him so hard I felt that through", the woman said as the dog whimpers.

The woman's alleged boyfriend did respond to the post to justify her actions.

"A girl gunna hit him a little bit and you guys wanna press some girl hitting him with gloves. Never got hurt and was playing the entire time,” he said.

After receiving backlash online the woman quickly took down her social media.

Image: Twitter brownnshugaaa

The footage gained a lot of attention online, reaching more than 100,000 views as users quickly stepped in to have their say.

"And then, one day when the dog has had enough and turns on her, they'll put it down because it's too aggressive. You should need a license to own a pet, this human trash would fail the exam", one user said.

"If a kid gets smacked across the face repeatedly but it doesn’t cry it is still abuse", another added.

An investigation is underway after Idaho Humane Society (IHS) received an overwhelming amount of calls and emails about the viral video.

"We have started an investigation and an officer has already met with her. The investigation has been forwarded to the prosecutors office. Please stop calling us as this prohibits new cases from getting attention quicker. Thank you." IHS said.



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