Pictures Of People In Face Masks Doing Pretty Much Everything

An image library has brought us the next best thing since the 'jealous girlfriend' meme, as its models do just about everything in a coronavirus face mask.

The idea was clearly to photograph masked people in as many daily situations as possible, the issue is that many of those situations are absurd. Such as this unnecessary shot of a woman painting a Joker smile on her face mask with lipstick. At least she's still smiling among all the doom and gloom.

The photo of nightmares. Image: Getty

Or this photo of a nicely dressed woman wearing a boxing glove, perhaps trying to 'knock the virus out'.

Nicely dressed woman punches coronavirus with minimum effort. Image: Getty

Making more of an effort is this couple, who've resolved to settle their coronavirus differences by taking things... inside.

Image: Getty

And then resolving their issues with a passionate face mask rub like two Dodo birds during mating season.

Image: Getty

Take away the straw and this photo of a woman drowning her sorrows with a glass of wine is a little more relatable.

In case you're wondering where the toilet paper went, this woman's been building an indoor fortress.

Image: Getty

But don't even think about getting your hands on her stash.

Image: Getty

But Getty hasn't reached its peak with masked gun lady. There's also...

Arguing married coronavirus couple:

When you regret choosing him as your quarantine bae. Image: Getty
Why do YOU always get to wear the fun blue face mask, Doug?  Image: Getty

Kissing coronavirus health workers:

Yeah, this is not social distancing. Image: Getty

Coronavirus surfer girl:

The barrels don't stop for coronavirus. Image: Getty

Then there's this woman, and frankly, I'd be scared to get between her and her yoga mat.

Yoga isn't chilling this woman out during the pandemic. Image: Getty

When it comes to coronavirus stock images, this cat's face says it all.

Image: Getty

Getty models, we don't know what kind of hell you've been through, but thanks for giving us photos of every possible coronavirus scenario imaginable.