WATCH: Club Opens Drive-In Rave To Skid Coronavirus Restrictions

A club in Germany has come up with a clever way to combat worldwide social distancing restrictions.

A nightclub in the town of Schüttorf, near Germany’s Dutch border, held a drive-in-rave for 500 would-be club-goers, in a bid to curve social distancing restrictions.

Image: Instagram - Club Index

The event was held at a car park and was open to 250 cars with a maximum of two occupants each.

Drivers were tested by staff for COVID-19 before entering.

The video was uploaded to social media by a DJ from Netherlands, Devin Wild, who headlined the event.

Club Index went above and beyond to create the perfect scene for party animals. With the combination of music, people on stilts and theatrical lights, the event was a big hit for all.

In the video, Wild can be seen interacting with the party-goers in a very unique way.

Drivers were seen winding down their windows and are heard honking their horns in celebration when the DJ dropped the beat.

Over 40,000 users who couldn't attend watched on while others rushed in to have their say.

“I think it’s cool”, one user commented.

“How super fat”, another added.

However, one user stressed her concerns after a driver was seen consuming alcohol at the event.

"Hold up so now we can drink and drive?" she wrote.

Club Index will hold future Auto Discos while continuing to take the same precautions.



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