Mobile Beauty Services Allowed To See Clients In NSW

The NSW government has updated its advice on what beauty services can be accessed in time for Mother's Day.

The state government's website has been updated for a third time in two days with new advice for beauty and tattoo parlours.

Under the title 'Beauty and Personal Care', the government now advises that spas, nail, beauty, waxing and tanning salons can be opened to sell products only.

Beauty therapists are also allowed to provide services in the homes of their clients.

"This covers any business premises, regardless of whether it operates in a retail outlet or in a private home," the website states.

"Any business providing mobile services must comply with all relevant laws, including work, health and safety and public health laws, as well as local council and planning requirements.

"Social distancing should be followed when visiting homes."

However, if a beauty therapist usually runs a business from a retail space, they are not able to provide services from these premises.

There was some confusion when the government removed its advice about beauty services from its website on Monday.

10 daily contacted the NSW Health Minister for clarification.

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On Saturday, Health Minister Brad Hazzard heeded the call from beauticians to allow their salons to partially open ahead of Mother's Day -- which is typically their busiest time of the year.

Speaking to reporters, Hazzard said it wasn't as simple as just allowing the beauty industry to open their doors and go about their business as usual.

"Particularly with Mother's Day coming up, we have had requests for the reopening of some facilities which are usually for women but these days are sometimes more broadly used -- beauty salons, tanning salons, waxing salons and so on," he said.

Salons are allowed to open, but only to sell products and vouchers.



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"One of the issues for us is to try and strike the right balance. While we are doing so much better, we also know if we take our foot off the brake we will certainly end up in deep trouble," Hazzard said.

"We are opening them for limited activities that is for the sale of retail items that people like to buy."

On March 24, Prime Minister Scott Morrison ordered all beauty services except hairdressers to shut their doors.

Despite this, some beauty salons are still receiving requests for private treatments.

Beauticians and nail artists have told 10 daily they are put in the uncomfortable position of turning away those desperate for their services.



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One nail artist said she has also had to turn clients away, despite having no income at the moment.

"I do hope it goes back to normality soon, but people are always going to try to get ahead," Kirsten Noble said.

Hazzard also mentioned that he was not in a rush to go to his suburban beauty salon.

"None of these are remarkably on my agenda but still there's an opportunity to buy their favourite product and how good is that ahead of Mother's Day, you can buy vouchers too," he said.



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