Mountain Biker's Hefty Fine For Breaking Coronavirus Rules Revoked

Pat Riordan was on his way to a bike trail in Melbourne's south-east, planning on getting some exercise, when he was stopped by police and slapped with a $1,652 fine.

He’d been driving by himself is his ute for about 15 minutes when he was pulled over by police on the freeway, who questioned him about what he was doing, according to The Age.

“I had my bike in the back of my car. I was on my own. I was just headed off to the trail to have a ride and do some exercise," Riordan said he told police.

To his surprise, Riordan received an infringement notice for unnecessary travel and was fined $1,652 on the spot.



Not Even The Coronavirus Hotline Knows What All The New 'Lockdown' Rules Are

A local MP is calling for clarity on coronavirus messaging after three different calls to the NSW hotline provided him with three different sets of answers.



L-Plater Has $1600 Coronavirus Fine Revoked Over 'Community Confusion'

A Victorian learner driver who copped a $1652 fine while out on a driving lesson with her mum has had her infringement revoked following a police review.

Residents are permitted and legally allowed to leave their homes to exercise, for medical care or care-giving, or for work and education under stage three restrictions.

Due to media questioning by The Age, police said they would rescind Riordan's fine because of confusion over what is allowed in Victoria’s stage three restrictions.

It comes after a Learner driver was fined for taking a driving lesson with her mother -- but had the fine revoked due to "community confusion" about the rules.

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