Group Fined $8,000 After Being Caught Playing Cricket Rather Than Social Distancing

A group of friends were fined $1652 each for not abiding by the new lockdown laws in Victoria.

Footage of Victorian Police issuing fines for breaching social distancing rules to a group of adult men playing cricket outside was shared to Facebook on Monday.

The group can be seen standing on the kerb of what appears to be a public park while Police write infringement notices to each of the individuals.

In Victoria, there's a $1,652 fine for gathering in groups of more than two people.

Residents are now only legally allowed to leave their homes to exercise, for medical care or care-giving, or for work and education under stage three restrictions.

The video quickly went viral, with social media users rushing to have their say.

"Wow, that’s over the top! They just want revenue. Also looks like the policemen were in the one car and they aren’t family", one Facebook user commented.

"Revenue raising 2020," another added.

In the past 24 hours alone, Victoria Police conducted 957 spot checks at homes, businesses and non-essential services



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