Morrison Slams 16,000 Aussies For Going Overseas, Ignoring Do Not Travel Advice

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he's bewildered and frustrated by 16,000 Australians who decided to travel abroad despite strong advice not to.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has hit out at 16,000 Australians who decided to travel overseas in defiance of the highest level of government advice.

On March 18 the Federal Government raised the advice for all overseas travel to four which is the highest level. Level four advice stipulates that regardless of destination, age or health, Australians should not travel overseas.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade issued "do not travel" advice for every country in the world because of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe.

Despite this warning, approximately  16,000 Australian citizens still chose to travel abroad in the 11 days between 19-30 March. The figures were released by Department of Home Affairs.

Morrison said he was bewildered and frustrated by the wilful defiance people displayed.



PM Announces Ban On All Overseas Travel, Indoor Gatherings Of More Than 100

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced an indefinite ban on all overseas travel, in a detailed address on Australia's coronavirus response.

"We can't afford that because if people behave like that, then we lose lives," he told 2GB radio on Friday.

"Honestly I think it was still an indication that people just weren't getting it." The prime minister issued a warning for travellers ignoring advice.

"Those who go overseas over this period, how they actually think they're going to get back now is going to be very difficult," he said.

"I don't think they'll find themselves high on the list."

Morrison said there was some exceptions among the 16,000 for people travelling for aid and scientific work.



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