Police Want You To Dob In Anyone Not Self-Isolating

NSW Police have announced there is now a way to dob in anyone who is supposed to be self-isolating, but isn't.

New, harsh measures were announced on Friday, requiring anyone who arrives in Australia to self-isolate for 14 days.

But this has not been enough to stem the spread of COVID-19, with NSW announcing another 97 diagnoses on Sunday.

Police issued a statement shortly after, reminding the community under the Public Health Act 2010 (NSW), officers have the power to enforce public health orders.



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It is an offence for a person to fail to comply with an order, and authorities have now developed an online option for residents to dob in anyone who is breaching the new rules.

Several Sydney beaches have been closed, including Bondi, after beachgoers defied self-isolation measures. Images: Getty.

Confidential reports can now be made online at Crime Stoppers, or you can call the hotline on 1800 333 000.

Several of the new cases in NSW were from backpackers in the Bondi area, with a number of confirmed cases attending two parties, one at Bucket List in Bondi and one at Club 77 in Darlinghurst, both last Sunday night.

People who also attended these parties should be on alert for symptoms of COVID-19 and immediately isolate themselves if any symptoms develop.



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They should then seek testing via a GP or COVID clinic, and tell the medical service that they had attended one of the parties.

The majority of cases diagnosed in NSW were either acquired overseas or are a contact of a known case.