The Term 'Covidiot' Has Officially Been Coined And Internet Users Have Unleashed

Many people have been less than helpful during the Covid-19 pandemic, and now we have a word to describe them.

If you're stockpiling loo rolls and canned goods, or you've decided to spend your Saturday night at the local nightclub -- you might be a Covidiot.

Urban Dictionary recently coined the term, sending the internet meme machine into full flight.

Defined as "someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety" or "a person who hoards goods, denying them from neighbours", there is no shortage of individuals who fall into this category, at least, Twitter thinks so.

The online dictionary provides examples of how the phrase can be used, including: “Did you see that covidiot with 300 rolls of toilet paper in his basket?”

In the last few days the term has blown up as a trending topic on Twitter where people are sharing videos and images to coincide with the new hashtag.

And our inability to understand the need to stay home is a constant theme.

People have also been poking fun at how toilet paper has become one of the most sought after commodities than it can be traded as though it is liquid gold.

And then there are just downright inconsiderate Covidiots who are obviously just seeking internet fame.

Others have used the hashtag to remind us how we are all responsible for stemming the spread of the virus.

And this young man who was celebrating Spring Break in the US quickly became the poster boy for irresponsible behaviour.

And we cannot gloss past the thousands of people who flocked to Bondi Beach last Friday despite health warnings.

But as it turns out, staying out of the Covidiots category is pretty simple.

And the underlying message in it all?