Teen Learner Driver Caught Driving 100km Over Speed Limit

A 16-year-old boy will face court after police allegedly caught him driving 100km over the speed limit.

Police stopped a Ford XR5 after radar allegedly showed the vehicle speeding along the M5 at 190km/h about 1 am on Sunday.

A teenage boy with a learners license was allegedly found behind the wheel, with two passengers who were both unlicensed.

The speed limit for learner drivers is 90km/h, and the speed limit on the M5 is 100km/h.

The teenager was handed a Court Attendance Notice for driving at a dangerous speed, a class A motor vehicle exceeding the speed limit at over 45km/h, driving as an unaccompanied learner and not displaying his L plates.

His license was immediately suspended and confiscated, and he will appear at Bankstown Local Court on April 16.