Holy S**t: Aussie Priest Hugs Toilet Paper During Entire Sermon

In a sermon shared online, an Australian priest has shared his struggle finding toilet paper, and thanked God for helping him locate a six pack.

In a  five-minute reflection,  Rev Rod Pattenden from Adamstown Uniting Church said, "there is a God", in reference to getting his hands on toilet paper.

The sermon was recorded last Sunday, and shared online as religious gatherings across the country look for digital ways of worshiping in a bid to avoid large congregations.

As Pattenden hums and rocks while holding the toilet paper tightly to his chest, the worshipers can be heard laughing.

"It was the brawls at the local supermarkets that inspired me and I wanted to express the variety of emotions around those events," Pattenden told 10 daily.

Image: Uniting Church Adamstown

The Uniting Church, which is the third-largest church in Australia, decided to close its doors from Thursday due to COVID-19.

"One of the members of the congregation with a great sense of humour came up to me at the beginning of it that you can see in the video and she had $50 to offer me jokingly for the toilet paper," he said.

In the video, Pattendon shared his own anxiety about when the toilet paper supply at his home ran out.

The religious leader, based in Newcastle, north of Sydney, even referred to shortages of soap and hand sanitiser before a little boy can be seen offering him some.

Image: Uniting Church Adamstown

Pattendon told the parishioner how his local supermarket was completely out of toilet paper, when a delivery arrived and was wheeled out before stopping in front of him.

"And I thought 'it's a miracle'."

The Reverend also described how a woman cut in front of him, angering him.



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"People were scrambling and you could feel the desperation in the air," he said.

The woman then had a change of heart and passed him some toilet paper.

"There is a God," he joked.

He said religious organisations have an important role to help people feel settled and not panicked.

"Humour is a wonderful way of reducing tension and anxiety -- it was an absolute delight to tell that story about my own emotion and that we all have those fears and anxieties," he told 10 daily.

The Uniting Church is one of many religious places of worship moving solely online for the foreseeable future.



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