Tyrrell Inquest: Young Boys Told Carers Convicted Paedophile 'Killed William, Put Him In A Suitcase'

The inquest into the disappearance of William Tyrrell has heard bombshell claims a little boy told his babysitter a convicted paedophile had killed the missing toddler.

Two women, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, testified at the inquest today, telling the court they were caring for two boys for a week in 2018.

One of the women, known as "Tanya", told the court they were listening to music in a room when one of the boys told her he knew who killed the three-year-old.

The court heard the boy claimed child sex offender Frank Abbott “had him in a suitcase and they’d seen the suitcase”.

The boy also allegedly said they’d been told not to tell anyone or their "mum’s neck could get snapped".

Tanya told the court the other boy then got "a bit cross" with him, saying "you weren’t supposed to tell anyone".

"He seemed serious, but like, scared," she told the court.

Another woman known as Amy, who had also cared for the boys, told the court Tanya had recounted the exchange to her afterward, saying the boy "had told her what had happened to William Tyrrell and that he’d been killed, placed in a suitcase and buried".

She told the court Tanya "had no thought they may have been making it up". The startling claim was made as Abbott watched on from his jail cell, where he’s representing himself in the hearings via video link.

10 News First last year revealed Abbott had become a key suspect in the case after police searched the property where he lived in a caravan at the time William disappeared.

Abbott is expected to testify himself as the inquest continues next week.

No one has ever been arrested or charged over the disappearance of young William.