Quarantined Couple's Groceries Stolen From Their Doorstep

An Adelaide couple claims they were robbed of their online food delivery as they self-isolated in anticipation of coronavirus test results.

The husband had recently returned from France, and the couple were advised to undergo testing for COVID-19. Despite displaying no symptoms, they said they quarantined themselves as a precaution while waiting for the results, which have now come back negative.

The pair had ordered groceries online, and asked for them to be left at the front door of her Salisbury East home, so they wouldn't have contact with the delivery driver.

"We ordered some Coles groceries to come to our house. We opted not to have the driver knock at the door because we wouldn't be able to answer it," Amy* told 10 News First.

On Wednesday night, just after 9 pm, her order arrived, but within 10 minutes of it being left at her door opportunistic thieves swept in and fled with the lot.

"We walked outside, and at first we thought the delivery had arrived because the receipt and the eggs were still on the chair, and we thought maybe the delivery had been put around the side of the house.. but we looked and they [the groceries] weren't there," she said.

The couple then reviewed their security camera footage and were stunned to see the thieves making off with their food. The footage shows two people quickly rushing in, taking both the bags of shopping and running away.

Within seconds, the bags of groceries were gone. Image: supplied.

With many Australians forced into isolation and quarantine, ordering online is one of the safest ways to make sure the fridge remains fully stocked.

"We have opened additional delivery windows and have extra delivery vans on the roads to meet the customer demand," a Coles spokesperson said in a statement.

"Customers who notify Coles that they are self-quarantined will receive an 'unattended delivery', where the CSA leaves their groceries at their front door, removing the need for any face-to-face interaction.

"Every Coles Online van has also been equipped with hand sanitiser for CSAs to use between deliveries."

The theft has been to South Australia Police.

*Name has been changed.

Feature image and video: Supplied.

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