'One Semi-Trailer Every Hour': Hundreds Queue Outside Sorbent Outlet For Loo Roll

Staff at Sorbent's outlet in Melbourne have told 10 daily long queues of customers are eagerly awaiting the factory's next toilet paper delivery.

Outlet manager Michelle Stapelfeldt says the lines began forming last Monday, and customer demand for loo roll has only gone up ever since.

"We just came into work and suddenly everyone was just buying up whatever we had," Stapelfeldt told 10 daily on Thursday.

"It's just grown every day since then. We have to have a uni student on the phone just to answer the phones, to say what time the next delivery is coming in."

And when the trucks finally arrive, eager customers are wiping shelves clean almost immediately.

The Sorbent outlet, located in Box Hill, Victoria, estimates it's selling through one semi-trailer worth of toilet paper every hour.



Coles Only Allowing One Pack Of Toilet Paper Per Person As Buying Frenzy Continues

Coles has taken even more extreme measures as customers panic buy toilet paper, rolling back purchase limits to just one per shopper.

Rhonda Stuart


Please Stop Panicking Over Coronavirus And Remember The Cold, Hard Facts

The evolving coronavirus situation around the world and in Australia continues to be closely monitored and a leading topic of discussion in the media and among our peers.

As fear around coronavirus continues to rise, Stapelfeldt doesn't expect demand to ease any time soon.

"We've put the limits down from a 48-pack to now 24 rolls to make it fair, so that everyone gets a little bit to get through," said Stapelfeldt.

On the front line of the toilet paper madness, she says the majority of the customers coming to the outlet aren't hoarders -- but rather desperate, genuine customers who have simply run out of supplies at home.

"I'm really seeing elderly and disabled people, probably people who can't get to the shops quickly when the other deliveries are coming in," she said.

"At least they know when they ring us, that we have an ETA of what time the trucks are arriving so I think they feel that's their best bet."



Security Guards Tasked To Watch Toilet Paper Aisles

Australia's toilet paper saga has taken another turn with security guards reportedly tasked to monitor the loo roll aisle at some supermarkets.



Woolworths Won't Refund You For Stockpiled Toilet Paper

Days after panic buying saw shelves stripped of basic goods, Woolworths has banned 'change of mind' refunds on a list of products.

For those still turning to their local supermarket for stock, Woolworths will no longer offer change of mind refunds on toilet paper and other basic household goods, following intense stockpiling by customers.

Some shops have even resorted to stationing security guards in the toilet paper aisle, to keep the peace between shoppers keen to stock up.

A video of two women fighting over loo rolls at a Woolworths store in Chullora, in Sydney's south-west, went viral last week and resulted in two women being charged.

Police Investigating After Fight Over Toilet Paper At Woolworths

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