WATCH: Irish President's Dog Crashes Event, Demands Belly Rubs

The Irish president's Bernese mountain dog 'Brod' takes his duties as a host very seriously.

Michael D Higgins' dog got a taste of the spotlight when he interrupted an official event in a desperate search for his owner.

Image: Ibrah Razan

Brod was filmed charging his way through a room full of people searching for the president during an International Women's Day event.

When Brod finally locked eyes with his owner across the room, he immediately dropped to the floor and demanded a belly rub.

The president of Ireland's dog Brod stole the show at the event. Image: Ibrah Razan

It didn't matter that the president and his wife Sabina were meant to be posing for an official photograph - to Brod, it was time for pats.

The video has captivated fans globally reaching more than 5.7 million views.

"Awww ... he went to his daddy for belly rubs," one watcher wrote.

"Indeed. Dogs don't lie, so he is a genuine good guy," another added.



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