All Of Italy In Lockdown As Coronavirus Shuts Entire Country

Italy's 60 million residents will be placed under lockdown conditions, and movement will be restricted across the entire country as coronavirus cases rise.

Italy will no longer have red zones, with the whole country set to be placed under lockdown, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Tuesday.

The increased restrictions will mean all public gatherings are banned across the country's 14 provinces and movement will be limited other than for work or emergencies.

It comes after school and university closures were extended until April 3.

People wear face masks wait at the Termini Central Station during the Coronavirus emergency. Image: Getty

The prime minister addressed young people in Italy who've gathered at night to drink and socialise during the public health emergency.

"This night life... we can't allow this anymore," Conte said.

"Our habits must change, must change now, we must all give up something for the good of Italy."

The Italian government also introduced a decree to stop all sporting activities, including Serie A football matches.

Prisoners rioting across Italian jails after all visits were suspended on Tuesday. Image: Getty

Italy's death toll is at 463 and the country has 9,172 people infected with the virus.

That makes Italy the country with the second-most cases of coronavirus in the world, beaten only by China.

Earlier on Tuesday, six prisoners were killed in riots across Italian prisons as Prime Minister Conte described the outbreak as the country's "darkest hour".

The riots began in Sant'Anna prison in Modena after inmates were told all visits had been suspended.

Relatives of prisoners clash with Italian Police outside the Rebibbia prison, on March 9, 2020 in Rome, Italy. Image: Getty

Three people were reportedly killed at the prison and another three prisoners died after being transferred to hospital, according to BBC News.

Riots also occurred at several prisons in northern Italy and at San Vittore prison in Milan, where a cell block was lit on fire and prisoners climbed onto the roof.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said on Tuesday Australia was assessing its travel restrictions in light of Italy's lockdown.

"All the time we're assessing our travel restrictions, and we continue to adjust them based on the best possible advice we receive, particularly in this case from the Chief Medical Officer," Frydenberg told ABC News.



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"So, no doubt the National Security Committee will look at the developments in a range of countries, including in Italy, and make judgements based on the evidence before us."

Prime Minister Scott Morrison praised Australia's quick response and implementation of travel restrictions had helped prevent the disease from spreading.

"Australia moved quickly and we got ahead of the rest of the world," he said.

"Our swift and decisive action to initiate travel restrictions on the basis of expert medical advice has helped to first contain and now slow the spread of the virus in Australia."