Woman Proud To Be Jailed On Her 100th Birthday

Ruth Bryant had been on Earth a century without ever being arrested, so on her 100th birthday she did whatever she wanted ... and was thrown in jail.

Bryant was chuffed about spending time in the slammer as going to jail was a significant achievement to tick off her bucket list.

The North Carolina woman was 'charged' with indecent exposure when police showed up to her assisted living facility.

She was also served with a 'warrant' and placed in handcuffs.

Ruth Bryant, 100, got arrested on her birthday. Image: CBS Miami

The Person County Sheriff's Office got wind of Bryant's wish to be arrested and they were happy to help.

Police handcuffed her to her walker and placed her into a patrol car.

They then sped to the station with lights and sirens blaring to show they had a 'cold hard crim' on board.

The police officers had warned her not to put up a fight -- so she playfully kicked them.

"Don't kick me, I've got a bad knee!" one of the officers reportedly told her -- Bryant replied:  “I've got two bad knees!".

Once she was thrown in jail Bryant was treated like a criminal.

She had her mugshot taken and sat through her 'sentence' -- a few minutes inside a cell.



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“I'm in the jailhouse now! I finally got here!" she said.

She was then released with a souvenir t-shirt.

On her return home, she ate some birthday cake and told her friends at the retirement community some jail stories.

Happy 100th Ruth!