People Are Creating Homemade Coronavirus Protection Suits To Avoid Infection

People across the globe are making protective suits from plastic bags, bottles, and other materials as they go to extreme lengths to protect themselves against the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Although most people have been wearing facemasks to stop airborne particles, many others have taken it to the next level and opted for a bit of good old-fashioned DIY.

And it's creating quite a spectacle for onlookers, who have have been snapping pictures and posting them to social media.

Here are the best, most innovative (and most ridiculous) makeshift coronavirus protection suits.

This person was spotted in the Hong Kong subway -- Image: Twitter @penguinsix
A person is seen covered in plastic wrap with a large clear bottle on their head. Image: Reddit /lazybeach
That's one way to do the weekly shopping. Image: Twitter @ziyatong
Every man and his dog is protecting against the deadly coronavirus. Image: Twitter @ziyatong



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Chinese children wear plastic bottles as makeshift homemade protection and protective masks. Image: Getty

A Chinese boy is covered in a plastic bag for protection as he arrives from a train at Beijing Station on February 12, 2020. Image: Getty



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A person protects themselves on the subway... but forgets to wear gloves. Image: Imgur @sqqqq2
Hong Kong Police wear thorough protective suits as they work outside isolation ward. Image: Imgur /savinghongkong
Fans in Vancouver, Canada dressed in HAZMAT suits with toilet paper "backpacks". Image: Getty

They might look ridiculous, but it makes more sense than hoarding toilet paper.

Nick Bhasin


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