Man Jailed For Throwing Goon Bag At Police Officer To 'Slow Them Down'

A police officer had a goon bag explode in her face after a drunk man riding a stolen bicycle threw it at her in North Queensland, a court has heard.

The court heard 29-year-old William Thomas Mow was attempting to flee police in Townsville on January 5 when he threw the wine bladder at the officer, causing it to explode on her face and clothes.

Mow allegedly told police he'd thrown the bladder in an attempt to slow them down.

Defence lawyer Margaret Crowther told the court Mow did not intend to throw the bladder in the officer’s face and that he had apologised to the victim.

Mow appeared in the Ingham Magistrate’s Court. Image: Google Images

Mow pleaded guilty to seven charges, including assaulting a police officer, riding a bike under the influence, contravening a direction or requirement of police, obstructing police, unlawful possession of suspected stolen property and not wearing a helmet,

Mow was jailed for two months, the sentence was suspended for 12 months.

He was also fined $500 and the conviction was recorded.